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Anti Food Waste App “YWaste”

Anti Food Waste App “YWaste”

As most of you know, my passion lies within helping others live a better life through nutrition, fitness, along with life stages that revolve around emotional, financial, spiritual and mindfulness.

I knew I was making an impact every day helping others feel better inside & out through health coaching, writing “Healthy Lifestyle” and blogging for 11 different magazines, speaking at nutrition seminars and through revamping recipes & providing healthy alternatives as a nutrition consultant for various organizations.

As I started to see the majority of concerns my clients had, which was not being able to afford food in general or being able to make ends meet daily- I knew that there was a glitch in our system between hunger & food waste, so I seen the impact & need through YWaste-anti-food waste social enterprise surplus APP 📱 for discounted foods 🥗, flowers 💐and non-pharmaceutical goods 💄 and groceries 🛒 as we combat esp food waste! 💪We are making a impact one step at a time through expanding in the U.S.

Are you a merchant who finds yourself wasting good food each day? Reach out to me- I want to help you solve a growing concern in today’s society and join me in helping others put food on their table. #coaching #fitness #mindfulness #writing #blogging #discount #flowers #living #living #grocery #socialenterprise #waste #reach #step


Reach out directly at: connie@ywasteapp.com



I encourage you to download the YWaste app that is available via Apple or Android options and view how the process works as we are in the testing phase for the U.S.


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