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How often are you dining out?


Why not be creative in the kitchen and bring in the whole family to help out? It’s a great way to spend time together with our crazy schedules.


Plus remember all the nutrients your body is devouring when you eat at home. You will have more energy and feel ready to take on the world.


Thanks to Pinterest..homeandgardenamerica.com.. I found these handy cooking charts that will help you get started tonight! How to Cook Vegetables the Healthy Way: A-Z #organic #healthyeating #foodie


Exciting News!

I have some BIG news to share! I just released my first book titled, Healthy Lifestyle – Inside Secrets to Transforming Your Body and Health.

Inside the book I share my story, and several of our clients’ transformation stories…along with some facts and revelations about what it means to get in shape.

My hope is to use the book to inspire more people to take control of their health and I hope you’ll help me share the exciting news.

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If you’d like to get a copy, please click the following Pay Pal link to have one sent directly to you! $9.99 plus tax and S/H

If your live outside the US, email me for shipping information.

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