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Discover the YWaste App Difference?

As most of you know, my passion lies within helping others live a better life through nutrition, fitness, along with life stages that revolve around emotional, financial, spiritual and mindfulness.

I knew I was making an impact every day helping others feel better inside & out through health coaching, writing “Healthy Lifestyle” and blogging for 11 different magazines, speaking at nutrition seminars and through revamping recipes & providing healthy alternatives as a nutrition consultant at Cub Foods.

As I started to see the majority of concerns my clients had, which was not being able to afford food in general or being able to make ends meet daily- I knew that there was a glitch in our system between hunger & food waste and as a founder of YWaste-anti-food waste social enterprise surplus APP📱 for discounted foods 🥗, flowers 💐and non-pharmaceutical goods💄 and groceries🛒 as we combat esp food waste! 💪We are making a impact one step at a time through expanding in the U.S.

Are you a merchant who finds yourself wasting good food each day? Reach out to me- I want to help you solve a growing concern in today’s society and join me in helping others put food on their table. #coaching #fitness #mindfulness #writing #blogging #discount #flowers #living #living #grocery #socialenterprise #waste #reach #step

Discover the YWaste difference?

Superfood Trends to Watch

…and just what is a “superfood” anyway?

Who wouldn’t want to believe in the concept of “superfoods”? The idea that the vast expanse of nature has secret nutritional resources that can easily help us with a number of ailments if only they can be discovered and harvested, is definitely enticing.

It certainly seems like we’ve just been blind to treasure troves of exotic berries, nuts, and grains when these popular superfoods were unknown to the West until now. Açaí berries, for example, only gained fame outside of Brazil within the last decade.

It’s often their otherness that makes these foods so appealing. Quinoa, particularly popular among vegetarians and vegans, does indeed provide a decent protein source – but then again, so do many common beans and nut varieties.

Açaí berries and goji berries are packed with phytochemicals, a plant compound which does seem to have a positive effect on a person’s chances of heart disease and brain deterioration. That sounds fancy, except regular old blueberries and strawberries have lots of phytochemicals too.




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Mindful Eating by Turning Meals into Meditation

Follow this ten-step plan for mindful eating when you are feeling stressed about food or unable to cope with cravings.


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17 Reasons to Avoid Stress & Effective Stress Busters

You know stress is bad; it feels horrible and can affect nearly every aspect of your life. But do you know exactly what kinds of physical effects stress can have on your body?

Good news: There’s an infographic that explains it all! While you may know anecdotally that stress isn’t good for you, you can see from the information below that its long-term effects can be truly devastating. So try some meditation or some yoga, and let us know what you think!


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Why we never finish what we started? How many celebrities made their dream a reality later in life?

Don’t give up!

Here’s what to do if you’re bad at finishing projects once you start them:

Here’s what to keep in mind when you feel like completely giving up on a project:

Here’s how to figure out what why you’re procrastinating on that big idea you have:

Here’s how to figure out if your job is actually getting in your way of your creative dreams:

Here’s why you shouldn’t feel so worried about not having created your masterpiece, yet:

Does success have a deadline? And if yes, what is the best age to succeed? Here is a visualization of the relationship between age and success.


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