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Special “Shout Out” to Crow River Floral for making the “Healthy Lifestyle” Book Signing a success!

Special “Shout Out” to Crow River Floral for making the “Healthy Lifestyle” Book Signing a success!

When you can support people who’ve wanted to get healthy, but didnt know where to begin~ makes you realize why you love educating others on starting their journey toward a “ Healthy Lifestyle”.

Thank you to Crow River Floral & staff for doing such an amazing job. They made my book signing flow perfect along with making it a health expo helped bring in those that were anxious to keep moving forward with their resolutions.


Live Radio Interview on “Healthy Lifestyle”

Discover the “Healthy Lifestyle” journey -Live on KDUZ KARP Radio Community Affairs Talk Show #kduz #karp #johnmons #jmons”></iframe>

Just a reminder…. If you are in Hutchinson, MN area on Friday, February 16th~~It would be great to see everyone….
I will be having a special offer to get the latest Healthy Eating on the Go Kit along with Healthy Dining out Guide. Plus infographics, bookmarks and other valuable health & fitness resources. Partial proceeds benefiting Second Harvest Heartland.
I will be arriving early at 11:30am and staying later to answer questions, etc.We’ll be having healthy appetizers and beverages along with various health information freebies. #healthylifestyle #nutrition #Nutritionbook#SecondHarvestHeartland
Are you ready to take action on your health? Let’s look at January as a trial month and finally set a commitment & gain that vitality back.

Do you love Chocolate?

Happy Valentine’s Day…..

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Ok, there are a few, but they’re far and few between. Ha-ha…. I am the first to admit…. I am a chocolate lover. I’m not going to lie- this is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. So, if this is your favorite subject as well, all you have to do is keep on reading and discover more information on cocoa benefits. Check out my article for tips to curb your sugar cravings for Valentine’s Day!

Are you experiencing sensitivity from the foods you eat?


We are excited to announce that we are now offering the FIT 22 Test through Lifestyle Health Mentor.

The list of foods and additives selected for the 22 panel are foods that most frequently yield reactions on the FIT Test. The foods tested are: gluten, whole wheat, egg white, egg yolk, cow’s milk, casein, candida, brewer’s yeast, banana, beef, broccoli, coffee, corn, chicken, peanut, tomato, white potato, almonds, pineapple, salmon, shrimp, and turmeric.

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