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Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms Chart

Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms Chart

Vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts are necessary for good health, and help in the prevention of diseases. Deficiencies can develop when following a restrictive diet which is lacking in a certain vitamin or mineral. Most deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are not likely to develop if consuming a wide variety of foods. Eating irregularly or eating a poor variety of food can cause deficiencies.
Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms Chart, According to research, vitamin D deficiency is linked to a significantly increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in elderly individuals.

The vitamin deficiency symptoms chart provides a condensed reference guide to the functions of vitamins and minerals, deficiency symptoms, and dietary sources.

Vitamins are listed first in alphabetical order, and then minerals.

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Coach Connie

What’s my motivation? Why did I start health coaching?

My new life began about 10 years ago when I was trapped in an emotionally abusive life where each day was a chore to go to work and then to get through the day at home. I then decided it was time for a change that led me to loosing 50 lbs and keeping it off to this day. I felt heckled at work and even more at home for being heavier. I chose a lifestyle change and went on my own journey taking nutrition, fitness, and life coaching classes to become a better self and happier with life in general.

Once I knew that I felt better healthier and emotionally, I knew I was stronger than sticking in a situation that was demeaning and wanted to share my story with others. Few years later, I started my own business educating others to make their health a lifestyle change and not a diet, which has an expiration date. I also encourage them to be stronger with self defense and wisdom to be unique and conquer anything the day throws at them.

I not only decided on the weight loss goals, but due to having so many stomach issues, I pursued the route of determining what was behind it when no doctor could figure out why I had IBS and constipation issues. I tried every pill made to mankind and was at my wits end so, I went to a naturopathic doctor to pursue an allergy test. This determined many factors to my illness. I was gluten, dairy, and egg yolk free plus many other food items that were causing the inflammation and issues leading to my stomach discomforts.

So I guess my emotional abuse led to my drive to becoming a successful journey that has helped me sustain a healthy lifestyle and to help educate others to becoming energetic and productive in their daily lives.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.