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Our Services

Our Services

“Nutrition plays a huge role in the success of weight loss,” “No one diet is going to work because life happens. We can’t always eat on schedule or have the foods accessible when we need them. Lifestyle is about balance. Some days you eat more than others, I’m here to tell you, ‘It’s OK.” Life doesn’t happen on cue, but we find alternate ways to stay in a routine that works.”


Tell us your goal and we will show you how to achieve it!


12 Day Refresh/Detox



Welcome to the 12 Day Detox!

Do you want to eat healthy, move and be empowered? Join 1000’s of people who’ve lost weight, improved their skin, lowered their blood sugar and reduced symptoms of disease.

You get:

  • An Easy Preparation Packet
  • Daily Modules
  • Daily Workbooks
  • Daily Meditation Videos
  • A supportive community to cheer you on
  • Confidence and clarity about healthy eating and lifestyle

You’ll get daily communication, modules, videos and workbooks.

Starting a new health regimen and changing your lifestyle can sometimes make you feel lost and alone.  Believe me, I understand.  That’s why we’ve built community and health coach support into this package.

Which is why with the 12 Day Detox Program you will also get:

  • Access to a group of people just like you.
  • Shopping lists and tips, menus, and recipes.
  • Opportunities to grow and expand on what you achieve.

Excited to feel happy and healthy? Start here, with the 12 Day Detox.

Are you ready to live better and make a committed change that will impact the rest of your life? Let our detoxification provide you with a sense of inner cleansing you never thought was possible. We are with you every step of the way on your new journey.

21 Day “Healthy Lifestyle” Transformation


Learn how to loose weight and keep it off
Boost Energy and Motivation
Food Tracking via app/online with the click of a picture
Newsletter with Recipes, Meal Planning tips, and Resources
Email Support & Free access to my Facebook Group
Plus you can use this package as a credit to upgrade to the 12-Week Program
Plus Initial Consultation to discuss your health goals and complete a health history

We provide you with the tracking tools and metrics to keep you on track and provide the support for all your questions and concerns. We use the techniques provided in the “Healthy Lifestyle” book and provide the additional support to incorporate new methods to keeping yourself accountable. We provide a sample of training exercises to help you discover the training path that’s best suited for you.

Your initial one hour consultation will be followed up with 3 additional sessions.

By this time next month, you could be feeling better, moving better, looking better, and starting to see how Lifestyle Health Mentor can be beneficial for your future.

What are you waiting fore~ Your time is now! Let’s do this!

30 Day Healthy New You


So you’re considering the 30 Day Healthy New You Program? We think you’ll love it, along with our approach to compact nutrition that seems to just naturally melt away all your problem areas!

Lose weight without dieting and discover how to eat your way to SLIM and enjoy doing it!
Find happy, healthy habits founded in good nutrition without starving or detoxing.


12 Week Healthy Habits Physician Weight Loss



Weight loss programs are designed to make sure you fail in the long-term, so YOU keep coming back and buying more programs over and over.

I am here to help you succeed. As your certified health coach, my job is to assure you feel amazing and find your optimal health. Nowhere in that description is a cycle of losing and regaining weight. It feels awful to be stuck in that cycle. If you did that because of my advice, I wouldn’t be doing my job.

So, how do you break the cycle?

You break the cycle by doing something different. By looking at how a doctor would recommend you find your optimal health (because a doctor does) and actually taking that advice. By trusting that science actually works for all of us. By breaking the cycle of restrict/gain weight/restrict/gain weight – forever.

If you are looking for fast weight loss that won’t last, look somewhere else.

This is not a program where you can lose a lot of weight fast and then feel bad when you gain it back again later. This isn’t that type of program because it doesn’t work.

Think about it. If you lose weight… but gain it right back (plus more)… did you really lose weight? Or was it just a gimmick?

Weight loss that works is weight loss that lasts.

As your health coach, my job is to help you find your healthiest and happiest self for life. That’s really it. There are a lot of things we may talk about together, but my job is to help you find your healthiest and happiest self for life.

That means, if it’s a gimmick, I won’t recommend it.

If it’s not scientifically or medically sound, I won’t bring it to your attention.

If I tell you that a doctor and dietitian have agreed together on a healthy and simple way to lose weight for life – it is the truth. No gimmicks. No extra supplements needed. Just science, consistency, and a willingness to work toward the best version of yourself.


Slow is sustainable. Sustainable is forever.

I wish that I could sell you a pill that would make weight and health no longer an issue. The fact is, that doesn’t exist. There is no magic solution to permanently change things overnight. There are, however, a number of methods and techniques that will get you to permanent change over time.

You can achieve sustainable long-term results like:

• Find a healthy weight for your body
• Love your body and its gifts to you
• Eat real food and lose weight
• Support your activity and have energy all day
• Never feel deprived or hungry on your journey to health

Sounds different from what you’re used to doing right?

As a health coach, I do things differently. I’m not focused on making money for a large corporation. My mission is to help you find your optimal health and thriving life.

The Healthy Habits program will do exactly that. Over 12 weeks you will begin to build habits you can keep for life.

The program launches the 15th of every month. Sign up today, while you’re ready to make a change, before you convince yourself that you can’t have the life you want.


6 Months to a Sexy New You


You’ll find our focus is around healthy eating, combined with stress-releasing days of fun, moderate exercise, proper supplementation & lots of self-care.

We’ll get you going with basic concepts, then add more advanced Sexy secrets to maintain your progress.

You’ll find ways to boost your immunity, add energy and of course, you’ll look and feel great too!

Join us and learn that you can eat good food, enjoy your food and lose weight all at the same time.  You will learn directly from a Certified Health Coach, who will be there for you every step of the way. We are so looking forward to you supporting you!


12 Months to Great Health


In one year, just ONE year, you can make lasting changes that will impact you for the rest of your healthy life.

Do you dream of losing weight? Gaining weight? Training for a marathon? Getting fit to set an example for your children or grandchildren? Feeling better in your own skin? All of the above?

Let us help you reach these goals and more…….

Gut Health


Does this sound like you?

  • After a year of invasive, expensive GI testing and no diagnosis, I’d almost given up.

You’re not alone….. We are here to help you finally start living life….

  • With these changes, I noticed a difference in 24 hours! I went from being home-bound 1/2 the day to freedom of movement and a whole new health and energy.
  • Digestive Disorders – IBS, Gas Bloat, reflux, Leaky Gut

Hormone Health


  • Are you Sick of Being Sick and Tired?
  • Adrenal Fatigue, Low Energy & Mood, Stress & Overwhelmed through adrenal health protocol
  • Hormone Imbalance – Menopause (hot flushes, moods, fatigue, and other menstrual difficulties)
  • Digestive Disorders – IBS, Gas Bloat, reflux, Leaky Gut while using the Gut Health protocol
  • Skin issues – Acne, eczema, rash, dermatitis,
  • Our techniques- add in hormone balancing foods, micronutrients for optimal health, blood sugar testing and stabilization through foods/combinations, reducing stress, Thyroid protocol, PH testing, and Liver Cleanse.

Now Offering: Anti Food Waste App Reduction Platform “YWaste”

As we look for opportunities to strengthen communities and help identifying a benefit for individuals while making an impact on our society, we launched a new app, YWaste offering another way for food retailers to prevent unsold food going to waste.

The ‘YWaste’ app allows retailers to sell food that would otherwise be going to waste at a discounted rate. Payment for the food can be made through the app, while customers can still pick up the food from the retailer.

YWaste already has a number of large retailers using its service since starting in Australia, which has expanded to the U.S with 260 merchants currently on the platform.

Before launching the app, we found that Australian retailers are throwing away over three million tons of food annually.

There are various reasons for this but at the end of the day it’s an unnecessary waste if it could be put to better use, and it has a very negative impact on our environment.

We provide various opportunities to merchants through the social media platform, while bringing more customers directly to the merchant for possible other sales that normally the consumer would not see if it weren’t for this opportunity. It also provides businesses to promote themselves as a sustainable and eco-conscientious pioneer in the community. The marketing value for them would be immense and the only cost for them would be off something that they would normally be throwing out at the end of the day any way.

So we have made it our mission to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away simply because it is not sold.

Merchants would be able to post the hot food, salads, prepared foods, etc for sale at a discounted price either before closing time or before it needs to be removed from the shelf. There is a pick up time window which is set by the shop cans set to ensure a quick transfer and to avoid mixing the Y Waste customers with regular customers.

Our platform is also a socially engaged platform were we want to help people in a “tight spot”, people experiencing food insecurity, which is why we have developed a unique and revolutionizing digital food donation platform so now we are targeting both hunger and food waste at the same time.

The food donation platform is where food outlets, food suppliers and food producers can donate their excess food directly to the end user/recipient.
We bring the end recipients (the people experiencing food insecurity) in to the shops to pick up the donated food instead of relying on charities having the resources to pick up and redistribute. On our platform less fortunate will be issued with a special and personal code, which allows for free daily purchases. These codes are issued and given by certified charities or the local store can nominate their own preferred charity.

I encourage you to download the YWaste app that is available via Apple or Android options and view how the procesworks as we are in the testing phase for the U.S.


Reach out directly at: connie@ywasteapp.com


Let us help you on your health revolution……

“Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”
― Elizabeth Berg

2018 (C) Lifestyle Health Mentor